RelyOn Guarding and Security Services are proud to announce that we have ventured into a sponsorship agreement to provide support for professional local strongman athlete, Laurence “Big Loz”  Shahlaei.

We very much look forward to supporting Big Loz through 2017 and beyond as he continues to compete to win more titles, and all going to plan the title of “Worlds Strongest Man”.

To date Big Loz has achieved a catalogue of titles and achievements with some listed below, in addition to holding a number of World Records.

Achievements & Titles:
Europe’s Strongest Man 2016
Ultimate Strongman World Champion 2016
2 X Britain’s Strongest Man
8 X World’s Strongest Man Competitor


World Records:
British Axel Lift 205KG
British 2 Hand Pinch Grip 116.3KG
World record in the Farmers Walk: 150KG over 20 metres in 6.73 seconds
World Record Car Walk: 455kg over 20 metres in 11.06 seconds, Set at Europes Strongest Man 2016
World Record Yoke 450kg Over 20 Metres Set at Ultimate Strongman World Championship 2016

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